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Canon toner cartridge recycling programme – Bulk Returns


Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions not listed please contact us through the Contact and Assistance page.

How can I participate in the Canon toner recycling programme?
First each customer has to register on Canon’s return and recycling website. In parallel to the registration the first empty return boxes must be ordered. These boxes will be delivered within 5 working days. Only these boxes are allowed to return used/empty Canon toner cartridges. It’s not allowed to both return Canon toner cartridges by using any own boxes and to return anything else than original Canon toner cartridges. After the successful registration a confirmation email will be sent to the entered email address of the registration form which contains all entered registration details, details of the first ordered delivery (return) boxes and a login. The login must be used to place further orders, hence please keep it and do not re-register for further orders.

How do I arrange a collection?
Once delivered Canon boxes are filled up with up with empty Canon toner cartridges a collection order can be placed on Canon’s return and recycling website by using the received login. After the login the registration details will be shown again and further boxes can be ordered to be delivered and/or a collection of full boxes can be ordered. The service is completely free of charge for Canon customers.

How do I package the toners for collection?
1 - Only use original Canon boxes for the return of used/empty Canon toner cartridges. These boxes must be ordered on Canon’s return and recycling website
2 - Only return original Canon toner cartridges
3 - Remove each packaging material from the toner cartridges – Canon toner cartridges have to be returned without any packaging material
4 - Ensure that each collection box weighs less than 31Kg, otherwise the carrier can refuse to collect it
5 - Collection boxes must be stored ground-floor at the time of collection
6 - Take care that each box is securely packaged at the time of collection (do not to overfill the collection boxes and make sure they are properly closed)

Do Canon offer a recycling service for other consumable products (e.g. toner bottles or ink jet cartridges)?
Canon does not offer a recycling service for  toner or developer units, toner bottles or other consumables for large format printers, GP, iR, iRC, NP and CLC copiers, or inkjet printers due to the adverse environmental impacts of shipping these items. Please therefore look to dispose or recycle these products as normal office waste locally.

Important Information
Canon only authorises the use of this site for the return of genuine Canon toner cartridges for LBP, FAX, PFC and MFP machines. Ink cartridges and toners for other machines cannot be returned through this programme. For these products please ensure proper disposal. The toner cartridge return programme is only operational in a selection of European countries.

If you have a question that is not featured above please contact us through our Contact and Assistance page


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